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Well Being

As a child I was brought up with what my family believed was a full life balanced with good food, play, study, family time and Worship of our understanding of "God".


Good healthy home cooked food (not processed and full of sugar and chemicals), rest (naps) and proper sleep were important. Interest in what I am studying in school and church every Sunday to Worship the Loving God that was given to me were part of my daily life and Sunday! Travel was a must... That's where my wander lust started. My parents driving us cross country in Our Chevy Nova... TWICE! Physical activities like skiing every weekend and horse back riding lessons as well as playing outside for endless hours were also a must!


These and many more things were a part of my upbringing. I have thankfully carried most of the above and many unnamed positive habits and activities into my life. I have adapted them to what I have studied and study and to my personal life experiences. I encourage others to do the same blending of what Life and books teach us... In order to find their own Unique formula for a full life!


Through good guidance and a strong intuitive nature I am leading a meaningful Quality Life. Not perfect. That is why I continue Self Study, Meditation, Healthy Eating, Worship, Yoga Asana, Whole Foods Consumption, Rock and Mountain Climbing (I am afraid of heights) , hiking, traveling and Karma Yoga (selfless service). I share what I have been freely given by many knowledgeable, respectable and awake people.


Well Being leads to a Quality Life being lived. Well being is defined as: Quality of life is the degree of well-being felt by an individual or group of people.


Unlike standard of living, quality of life is not a tangible thing, and so cannot be measured directly. It consists of two components: physical and psychological. The physical aspect includes things such as health, diet, and protection against pain and disease. The psychological aspect includes stress, worry, pleasure and other positive or negative emotional states.


We have many tools to learn and to live in well being, and in turn, a quality Life! It's never too late—in fiction or in life—to revise.

~ Nancy Thayer

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